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Maintenance Plumbing

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Regular maintenance plumbing is important in every home as it will help to prevent problems from happening in the future.  When you call Hills District Plumbing with your plumbing issue we will give you a flat rate price to do the job. This gives you peace of mind knowing how much it will cost to complete the job.



Blocked Toilet

Dealing with a blocked toilet can be a significant inconvenience, but the right knowledge and tools can easily resolve the issue.  When faced with a blocked toilet, it is curcial to move the waste material downstream.  Hills District Plumbing provides services across a wide area, including Castle hill, Baulkham Hills, Dural, Kellyville and all surrounding areas.  Our prompt response ensures a quick resolution to clear the blockage effeciently.


In today’s modern toilets, special attention is required in terms of what goes down the drains.  Many contemporary toilets feature a narrow throat at the S-bend, resulting in a considerably reduced pipe diameter.  To maintain optimal functionality, it is advisable to only flush toilet paper, as it easily breaks down.  Items such as nappies, baby wipes, face wipes, kitchen roll paper, sanitary products, and other materials should not be disposed in the toilet to prevent potential blockages.



Picture of leaking toilet

A leaking toilet cistern typically results from the natural wear and tear of components, particularly rubber seals.  The ageing seals allow water to seep onto the bathroom floor or into the overflow valve in the cistern mechanism.

While some attempt to fix a leaking toilet themselves, the lack of appropriate tools and the time-consuming nature of the task often make it more efficient to enlist the services of a professional plumber. Additionally, addressing the issue effectively requires a comprehensive service for toilet cisterns to prevent ongoing water loss and the frustration of persistent leaks.  It’s crucial not only to address the evident problem but to examine all components that constitute the flushing mechanism.

At Hills District Plumbing, we offer a thorough overhaul and service for any toilet cistern leaks.  While many individuals may only repair the broken seal, our recommendation is to replace all seals, including the outlet rubber at the base of the cistern, inlet seals and the tap washer and o-ring at the side of the toilet.  The comprehensive approach ensures confidence in the leak-free toilet, minimising the need for future repairs and water wastage.

Properly servicing your toilets not only guarantees long-term leak prevention but also reduces the frequency of callbacks for continual repairs.  For plumbing services please reach out to Hills District Plumbing, your trusted local plumber.



Hills District Plumbing - repairing a leaking pipe

Leaking pipes and burst pipes not only leads to substantial damage but also results in the wasteage of precious water resources.  Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, we can identify leaks and effectively repair burst pipes and leaking pipes.  In emergency situations requiring a plumber, we make your job our top priority.


Various factors can lead to the occurrences of burst water pipes, including:

1.  Ageing and quality of pipes, particularly around pressure points

2.  Earth movement and the impact of tree roots

3.  Poor installation practices, including insufficient protection of pipes

4.  Adverse effects of concrete on copper pipes


At Hills District Plumbing, we not only address the immediate issue of burst water pipes but also conduct a thorough assessment of the situation.  Our aim is to provide professional advice to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.  If you’re experiencing a water pipe problem and live in the areas ranging from Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Dural, Kellyville and nearby suburbs, don’t hesitate to contact Hills District Plumbing for expert guidance and efficient resolution of your burst water pipe concerns.


We can also discuss with you the potential you may have to discuss your problem with Sydney water and obtain a rebate from a future bill.



Hills District Plumbing's plumber repairing a leaking tap

Addressing a leaking tap is a task commonly undertaken by DIY enthusiasts.  Neverthe less, opting for professional plumbing services for your taps can often be a more straightforward solution.  We guarantee a comprehensive service for your tap fixture, going beyond a simple washer replacement.  Conserving water benefits not only the environment but also reflects  positively on your water bills.



Plumbers examining blockage in drain

Blockages in drains, sewers and stormwater lines can occur through various means.  Regardless of the issue, it’s crucial to have a plumber with the necessary expertise and specialised equipment to promptly clear blockages and prevent potential damage to your home.  Hills District Plumbing specializes in clearing blocked sewer and stormwater drainage lines and we also provide refurbishment or replacement services for drainage lines if needed.



Rheem electric hot water heater

Experiencing the inconvenience of being without your gas or electric hot water service is well-known to everyone.  At Hills District Plumbing we offer hot water system replacement.  Should you need a replacement hot water system, we are committed to providing expert advice and installing a unit from any of the leading manufacturers that best meets the specific needs of your family.