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Drainage Services

Experiencing a blocked drain or drainage issues in Castle Hill, The Hills District or Sydney’s Northwest?  Look no further than Hills District Plumbing, your local expert specialising in drainage work!


Whether it’s a stormwater drain or a blocked sewer drain, quick repair is crucial to prevent potential damage to your home and property.  Blocked sewer drains can be inconvenient, but blocked stormwater drains, especially during heavy rain, can lead to devastating effects on your property.  Drains can become blocked due to improper disposal of materials, including waste products, and tree roots infiltrating cracks or joins in drainage pipes.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Exercise caution with what goes down toilets, sinks, diswashers, and showers.  Paper blockages often result from excess toilet paper use, as well as the disposal of paper towels and baby wipes, which don’t easily break down and can get caught in your drains.



Tree roots are a leading cause of blockages.  In clay pipes, even a small crack in the rubber around the inspection plate allows roots to take hold.  PVC pipes may fact issues due to poor workmanship, such as improper pipe joining or pies being pierced by sharp rocks.  Notably liquid amber and rubber trees are common culprits for blocked rains in Sydney.


Land Movement can cause pipes to break, especially with a downward drop and a bend in the pipe.  Over time joints weaken and malll cracks may allow tree roots to infiltrate.


CCTV Camera Inspections

A CCTV drain camera is a specialised tool used to visually inspect the interior of your pipes and drains.  The camera is inserted into the pipe and images recorded to later analyse the condition of your drains.  This helps us to quickly diagnose the drainage issue, saving you time and money.  We use a CCTV Camera to: 


Clearing Blocked Drains

While electric eels are a traditional method for clearing blocked drains, a more effectvie solution is the use of hydro jet drain cleaning.  Unlike older technology, hydro jetting completely cleans pipe walls with high-pressure water, leaving no residual roots.  After clearing the blockage, a CCT camera inspection in conducted to provide video footage of the drain, allowing us to develop a comprehensive report and recommendations for any drainage problems.

With advanced technology, Hills District Plumbing effeciently clears blocked drains in the Hills Area and Sydney’s Northwest, providing you with accurate information to solve your drainage issues.

If you encounter a drainage problem and need a plumber in the Hills Area, contact Hills District Plumbing for prompt reliable service.